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Santa Fe Style - Stepped Building

Santa Fe Style – Flat Roofs, Blue Doors, Soft Lines, Stepped Building

Welcome to another look at the Santa Fe Style which makes Santa Fe, New Mexico, the most unique and enchanting city in the United States. This is part of an ongoing series of articles that take a closer look at the Santa Fe Style. In this article, we will examine four more Santa Fe Style
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Santa Fe Style – Carved Wooden Doors, Exposed Natural Wood Vigas, Corbel, and Earth Tones

Welcome to our third article about Santa Fe Style, which is mostly based on the Pueblo Revival Style. This month the elements of Santa Fe Style we are exploring include: Carved Wooden Doors Exposed Natural Wood Vigas Corbels Earth Tones Santa Fe Style – Carved Wooden
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Santa Fe Style - Adobe

Santa Fe Style – Thick Walls, Adobe Structure, Rounded Corners

As you recall from our last article, the Santa Fe Style is based on the Pueblo Revival style that was influenced by the Indian Pueblo, Spanish Colonial, and Mission designs. It's a vital part of the history of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We will regularly be exploring different elements of the
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Santa Fe Home Style - Pueblo Revival Architecture

Santa Fe Style – Pueblo Revival Architecture

When visiting Santa Fe, you will see the many low-slung, earth-colored buildings that represent the Santa Fe architectural style. In 1957, the city of Santa Fe, already the center of Pueblo Revival architecture, passed an ordinance requiring buildings in the historical district in the city’s
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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

In 2018, the average electric bill in the United States was over $117 a month. With weather events becoming more severe every year and energy costing more, it seems that that figure will only increase. If you want to reduce your energy use to save money or fight climate change, each step you
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Santa Fe Real Estate COVID-19 FAQs

Santa Fe Real Estate COVID-19 FAQs

At 8 am on March 24, 2020, New Mexico’s Secretary of Health, Kathy Kunkel, issued an order to close all non-essential businesses, requiring Santa Fe workers in non-essential businesses to work from home. Within the order, several businesses were classified as “essential” in New
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Coronavirus COVID-19

Preparing Yourself and Your Santa Fe Home for Coronavirus COVID-19

Article Originally Published: March 13, 2020Article Last Updated: August 10, 2020 The spread of coronavirus COVID-19 has created worldwide concern and panic as people seek ways to avoid falling victim to the virus. Because we care about every person in Santa Fe, we’ve done some research to
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Santa Fe, the City Different

Why Santa Fe is The City Different

For more than a century, Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been referred to as “The City Different.” But what makes Santa Fe so different, and why is it an amazing place to live? Here is a breakdown of five things that make Santa Fe a unique and awesome place to live: 1. Art Santa Fe is art.
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Zen Garden

Inspiration for Your Own Santa Fe Zen Garden

Have you ever thought, I would love to build a Zen garden, but don't know where to begin? If so, the inspiration from this article will hopefully start you on an enlightened journey of success. SEE ALSO: Hiking Trails in Santa Fe What is a Zen Garden? A Zen garden is an arrangement of
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Renovating Your Home Office

Having a home office in your Santa Fe home is a growing trend. This is attributed to the growing number of businesses letting employees work from home or people running their own business or side venture. And there is research, by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom that backs an increase of
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