The Real Life Home of The Simpsons

In 1997, a very unique home was built in Henderson, Nevada. This wasn’t your typical house. Rather this home looked like it had been pulled right out of the cartoon series, “The Simpsons.” And there’s a reason for that… it had been pulled right out of The Simpsons.

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FOX, which airs The Simpsons, joined up with Pepsi to offer an amazing opportunity for fans of The Simpsons… the chance to win a real-life replica of the actual home of the Simpsons – inside and out! Carefully constructed by Kaufman and Broad Home Construction, the cost to build the home (in 1997) was $120,000. Hundreds of hours of research and props went into perfectly matching the real life home to the cartoon home. Attention to detail was paramount and the results were stunning!

For a chance to win the Simpsons house, fans had to purchase certain Pepsi products which contained a code number. If the code number matched the one aired during the Fall 1997 premiere, they would win the house! As an alternative, the winner could opt for a $75,000 cash prize instead (much lower than the value of the home). Leading up to the premiere, home tours were given attracting hundreds of fans and long lines for those wanting to see the real life home of The Simpsons.

During the fall premiere, the winning number was aired:

Unfortunately no one came forward with a winning number, so the promotion was changed to a drawing in which 63-year old Kentucky resident Barbara Howard was declared the winner. To the shock of many, however, she opted for the cash prize. That, unfortunately, led to a sad series of events starting with demands from the area’s home owners association that the home conform to look more like those around it. And because of its popularity, it was attracting a lot of unwelcomed guests, some bent on grabbing things as a souvenir even if it meant breaking into the home.

Today a person wouldn’t know it was “The Simpson’s House” unless they were purposely looking for it. The concept was great and the promotion was a huge success. It’s sad that the home didn’t survive in its original, stylish, and creative form.

Enjoy this video showing pictures from the home shortly after it was constructed:

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