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Building Green in Santa Fe

Santa Fe – The oldest capital in the United States is green (and no, I’m not talking about green grassy lawns)

Did you know?  In the United States, buildings account for: 39 percent of total energy use, 12 percent of the total water consumption, 68 percent of total electricity consumption, and 38 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions.

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The constructed environment has a vast impact on the natural environment we so love, on our health, and on the economy.  By adopting green and holistic building strategies, we can maximize both economic and environmental performance.  The process of green building incorporates environmental considerations into every phase of the home building process.  That means that during the design, construction, and operation of a home, its overall impact on the environment must be taken into account.

The City of Santa Fe, Residential Green Building Code, states how homeowners can benefit from green building.

Green building is much more than the environmental benefits of green building practices.  Homeowners can also realize direct benefits by owning a green home.  Here are some of the primary benefits that owners of green homes have experienced compared to owners of conventional homes:
Lower Operating Costs – Homeowners receive less expensive utility bills due to energy and water efficiency measures.

Increased Comfort – Green homes have relatively even temperatures throughout the home, with fewer drafts and better humidity control.

Improved Environmental Quality – Builders pay extra attention to construction details that control moisture, choose materials that contain fewer chemicals, and design air exchange/filtration systems that can contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Enhanced Durability and Less Maintenance – Green homes incorporate building materials and construction details that strive to increase the useful life of the individual components and the whole house.  Longer-lived materials not only require fewer resources for replacement but also reduce maintenance and the economic costs of repair.  Green homes have landscaping that require less weeding and watering, building elements that require less maintenance, and more durable building components that reduce the time needed for upkeep.

Thinking of building?  Thinking of renovation and redesign?  Then why not think green, and improve the overall quality of life.  Call me…let’s talk!

Celebrate Earth Day (April 22) every day by building green.

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