Join Us on our Social Media Sites

Join Us on our Social Media Sites

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Social media is important to us because it allows us to have better communication with the community. And we’re not just talking about real estate. For example, on our Pinterest site we also post inspirational quotes, motivational tips, and repin awesome Santa Fe pictures. We see social media as a way to better learn about ourselves along with The City Different.

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Here is a list of our Social Media accounts. We invite you to join us:

We have a nice array of Pinterest boards covering a variety of subjects. And our Pinterest account is updated every single day of the year with at least two pins.

If you like luxury homes then you’ll love our Instagram account which focuses on luxury homes located in or around Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our YouTube account is a great way to see videos of homes that are for sale in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But if you look deep enough, you’ll also find a series of “Santa Fe Landmarks” videos we did.

Facebook is one of our favorite ways to communicate with people, share videos, new listings, and links to blog articles.

Our tweets are short and to the point! We’d love it if you joined us.

We have retired our Google+ page after Google announced it will be closing the service in 2019. Please take the time to follow us and say, “hi!”

Thank you for taking the time to explore our social media sites and to connect with us. We greatly appreciate you.