Historic Eastside

One of Santa Fe’s oldest communities and one of its richest in terms of history and natural color.

Welcome to the Historic Eastside

The Historic Eastside is one of Santa Fe’s oldest communities, and certainly one of its richest in terms of history and natural color. Some Historic Eastside real estate properties go back centuries, and were once the abodes of Santa Fe’s most revered residents and famous characters. Located roughly along the eastern edge of the Santa Fe, today the Eastside isn’t just single-family adobes, but also art galleries, boutiques, and world-renowned restaurants.

The area once served as the city’s nexus, largely due to the Acequia Madre – the “mother ditch” that at one time irrigated this formerly agrarian area. The homes are now mostly enshrouded behind high adobe walls, tall trees and colorful gardens. There are also compounds composed of groups of homes, which are densely gardened and rich in history and atmosphere.

While the mountains or the sunsets aren’t always within sight, there’s plenty of color, romance, and grace. The lots here are appropriately sized for their in-city location. Residents enjoy easy access to some of the city’s finest restaurants and high-end art galleries: Canyon Road is within walking distance; the Randall Davey Audubon Center, located on Upper Canyon Road, offers 135 acres of hiking trails and grounds; and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is also within walking distance. Every Christmas Eve, 25,000 celebrants visit the area for the Farolito Walk, when residents line the streets and their homes with paper bags weighted down with sand and candles, invite revelers in for hot cider and carols, and generally share the holiday spirit with anyone and everyone.

Soaked in history and genuine Santa Fe style, the Eastside offers a taste of the City Different, both old and new.


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