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Home Design Trends for 2018 – Santa Fe and Beyond

Home Design Trends for 2018 – Santa Fe and Beyond

Home Design Trends

Happy New Years! With 2017 behind us, we look forward to a prosperous 2018 when it comes to Santa Fe home sales. Buying or selling a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico may be in your future this year (if so, call Darlene at 505.920.8001), making this a timely article on home design trends.

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Every year there are various “trends” when it comes to home design. Here are some of the trends we’ve identified from market leaders.

According to Zillow®, some of the top home design trends for 2018 will be:

– Floral Prints in bold, contrasting colors, especially on large billowing fabrics like drapery, as well as chairs and throw pillows.

– Statement Floors from bold colored geometric tile to light-colored herringbone-style hardwoods. Bathrooms and laundry rooms will be the big focus for this trend.

– Light Wood Cabinets which mainly feature  flat fronts and clean lines because those tend to add warmth, texture and natural elements into the home that make the area feel more inviting.

– Warm Neutral Palettes (like warm reds and caramel browns) on walls and in artwork, will be more prevalent in 2018.

– Matte Metal Hardware light fixtures and kitchen accessories, like drawer pulls, are an excellent complement to medium wood cabinets. Expect to see these prevail over shiny silver or gold, especially in the kitchen.

“Bar carts and all-white kitchens may soon be a thing of the past,” says Zillow’s home design expert Kerrie Kelly. “While homes with all-white kitchens can be beautiful in photos, they are hard to keep clean and they may sell for less money. In 2018, expect to see a shift away from the farmhouse chic trend. Instead, look for a rise in warmer colors, unique natural woods – both in flooring and cabinetry – and floral prints.”

Trulia believes that some home design trends in 2018 will include:

– Minimalism – less is more with minimalism with a focus on decluttering your house and lifestyle.

– Instagram-ready decor. This isn’t hard in Santa Fe where virtually all homes have decor that is “Instagram ready.” Just look at some of the photos on our Instagram page.

– Strong accent rugs like layered rugs.

“With these 2018 home design trends predictions from the Trulia Design Panel, we hope to give homeowners and renters who’ve found their place a starting point to help kick start any remodeling or redesign projects in the new year.” said Lynnette Bruno, Trulia’s vice president of communications and research.

So if these are all the incoming trends, what are the outgoing trends?

According to Trulia®, things that are going out of style include:

Bamboo Flooring
Reclaimed Wood
Bohemian Tapestries
Exposed Lighting
Granite Countertops

Zillow’s list of outgoing trends include:

Bar Carts
All-White Kitchens

There you have it! And while these trends may increase a home’s value, it’s important to keep in mind that Santa Fe is trendy all on its own as a leading art city with home designs and architecture that make this “the city different.”

When you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in Santa Fe, be sure to give me a call: Darlene Streit, 505.920.8001.