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Starter Wisdom To Getting Organized

Starter Wisdom To Getting Organized

Getting Organized

A new year is here, and for many getting organized is a resolution that we want to accomplish, but don’t know where to begin!  Why not remove the mental blocks about clutter clearing by starting with the one room that probably attracts the most in the way of ‘how long has that jar of who-knows-what been in the cabinet?’

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We know the kitchen for every family is a gathering spot that has affectionately become more than just a room where food is prepared.  I’m sure most designers would even agree the evolution of the kitchen has experienced more change in functionality and design than most, and deservedly so.  What began as a simple room centered on the stove and a water source, is now a room that symbolizes the heart of many a home.

Perhaps transforming your home into an organized way of living is less of a daunting task than you may think.  It’s all about being honest with yourself – what you really need and what you really use.  Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

? The ‘maybe someday and wishful cooking’  items can take up valuable real estate in any kitchen.  Evaluate what you really use and if you are stressing to find the room to fit everything in, the items that rarely have seen the light of day might be better served in some other kitchen than your own!

? If you are a collector of cookbooks, collecting is one thing if they are one of your prize possessions from your favorite great aunt, but if you only use one or two, donate the rest and be amazed at the additional space you will create with a lot less clutter.

? Move things around according to the season.  Bring the crock-pot or Dutch oven front and center in the winter, and when the spring arrives and its time to start smoothies instead of hot soup, put your blender in the easy to reach place in the cabinet or pantry.

? I bet if you were to look in your spice drawer, you could be carrying around jars of whatever it is from the days of moving gone past.  Get rid of the old stuff and anything you really never use.  Most of the time, we do cook with the same spices over and over again.

? When you open a cupboard and if somewhere in the back of your brain, the thought jumps forward, “my life is a chaotic mess,” something you see is bringing this to the forefront.  Believe it or not, mismatched dishes that don’t stack nicely could be the culprit.  Visual chaos in any cabinet, drawer or pantry is still chaos any way you see it!  Don’t let the sentimental story behind any piece hold you back if the dishes don’t create the calm and comfort of an organized set.  Metal risers can help create space to separate bowls from plates, and if a storage box is necessary for the keepsakes, then do it!

Start simple with one drawer at a time and before you know it, you’ll be addicted to organizing.  For me, I realize the older I get the more organized I wish to be, and probably because it helps me to remember where everything is!

Happy organizing to you…..