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Packing Tips

17027321127_a9e87c5761In an effort to keep your relocation as stress-free as possible, the Darlene Streit Group has compiled a list to help you keep your head from spinning while you’re packing. Our staff is glad to answer your packing questions. Just call Darlene: (505)920-8001.

Audit before You Pack It:
Go through your belongings and throw away, donate or sell what you don’t need. Make sure that the furniture you’re moving will have a place in your new home.

Pack Wisely:
Try not to pack your valuables in boxes that are too big. Also, don’t pack boxes too full. Both of these common errors make moving your stuff more difficult. Compartmented boxes, such as wine cartons are great way to pack glassware and small breakable items. Art stores and picture framing stores often sell tubes and large flat boxes ideal for pictures, wall hangings, posters, curtain rods, etc. When packing heavier items with light items, always put the heavier items on the bottom of the box for better balance.

Fill it up:
Fill your drawers, suitcases, cabinets, etc. with unbreakable objects such as clothing and shoes.

Room by Room:
If you can, pack together items which will be placed in the same room. Unpacking will go much faster if you don’t have to run from room to room putting away items from the same box.

Clean it Out:
Empty your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours prior to moving it so it will have plenty of time to dry out and air out.

Seal It:
Seal nail polish remover, medicines medicines medicines detergent and other potentially damaging materials in plastic bags or leak proof containers.

Label it:
Label not only what is in your box but also which room in your new home each box is to be placed in. Use a different colored label for each room to make the job even easier.

Take a Tour:
Check every drawer, shelf and cupboard in your home to make sure you won’t leave anything valuable behind.

Drain It:
Drain all fluids from power tools, outdoor grills, etc.

Don’t Pack:
Don’t pack valuable jewelry, furs, and silver, irreplaceable photographs, insurance policies, medical or dental records, coin or stamp collections, or valuable pieces of art. These items are best transported yourself. Never pack anything that could leak, explode or be a fire hazard. Discard all aerosol cans, paint, alcohol, bleach, cleaning fluids, etc. Never pack perishable foods.

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