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Keep Curb Appeal In High Esteem

Keep Curb Appeal In High Esteem

 Curb Appeal

It could seem unreasonable to invest money in a home you’re selling, but sometimes this isn’t always the case.  Some change can be good, and in fact, can protect your real estate investment in ways you may not even imagine.

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Not everyone can see the potential of a home in need of repair, or with decor that has out lived its day.  It is true, the home sales market continues to reflect positive trends (and yes, this is very good news!), yet what we know is that buyers still pay more for homes in move-in ready condition.  Buyers like it when they don’t have to do the work and can feel confident they are simply stepping into their new home with a sense of enjoyment right from the very beginning – which who wouldn’t want that!

Before putting any home on the market, most properties will take less time and be much easier to sell with tasteful upgrades and repairs.  Any home, of course, will need to be priced right for the market and will take into account what needs to be done, but why not get the most for your money if you can.

To keep the curb appeal working in your favor, let spring inspire you.  Landscaping will be a plus – so trim, plant, and add to the garden entryway because the first impression does indeed count.  A fresh coat of paint, repairs to cracked plaster, and how about the roof – make sure there are no cracks or holes forming that will create water leaks, as we pray for our monsoon season to be abundant!

Even a partial updating will do the trick to show off the home’s potential and personality to the new home-buyer.  So, as they say, the time for spring-cleaning is almost here and may even have new meaning for you if you decide to sell your house!