Wildfire Tips to Protect Your Santa Fe Property and Life

The State of New Mexico has released some wildfire tips to help you protect your life and property in the case of a wildfire.

“There are many important steps we as New Mexicans can take at state, federal, tribal, local, and individual levels to prevent and be prepared for wildfires,” said then Governor Susana Martinez. “Preparedness is a key element this year as firefighters and agencies across the state stand ready to protect our communities and natural resources from wildfires.”

Wildfire Protection Tips

The State suggests the following wildfire preparedness tips to help protect your life and property in case of a wildfire:

  1. Create a 30-foot defensible space zone around the home.
  2. Pile firewood and other flammables well away from home and other structures.
  3. Keep access roads free of debris and vegetation to improve access and escape in case of fire.
  4. Remove needles and other debris from roofs and gutters.
  5. Consider constructing or renovating with fire-resistant building materials.
  6. Prune trees near structures and remove excess ground fuels such as fallen needles, cones, and branches.
  7. Participate in programs such as “Firewise Communities USA,” “Ready, Set, Go!” and “Fire Adapted Communities.”

Tips to Prevent Wildfires

In addition, the State of New Mexico has shared the following tips to help prevent the start of a wildfire:

  1. Build a campfire in areas approved only such as established campgrounds with fire grills pits.
  2. Never leave a campfire unattended, be sure it is dead out and cold to the touch before leaving.
  3. Never park vehicles in tall grass or shrubs where fires can start because hot catalytic converters may come in contact with dry vegetation.
  4. Never toss lit cigarettes out of cars.
  5. Abide by all smoking and fire restrictions on public and private lands.
  6. Keep in mind that the use of fireworks is always prohibited on all public lands including state parks and national forests.

Tips to Keep Your Home From Igniting During a Wildfire

The following National Fire Protection Association video provides some valuable tips on keeping your home from igniting during a wildfire.

By following these wildfire protection tips you can help to save not only your Santa Fe property but also your neighbors.


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