Things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Located in the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe has won numerous reader choice awards for being one of the best cities to visit in the United States. Santa Fe has charmed visitors worldwide with its culture, architecture, amazing food, and galleries. We are proud to present you with a list of the top things to do in Santa Fe during your visit:

1. Palace of the Governors

Visit the oldest continually occupied building in the United States – the Palace of the Governors. Named a Registered National Historic Landmark in 1960 and an American Treasure in 1999, the Palace of the Governors now serves as New Mexico’s history museum.

2. Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

Walkthrough The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. This majestic cathedral is located in the heart of Santa Fe. The cathedral was built in the 1800s on the site of past churches, including one that was destroyed by the Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1680. It is home to a statue of the Virgin Mary that was brought from Spain in 1625. It is the oldest statue of the Virgin Mary in the United States.

3. Canyon Road

Take a stroll on the famed Canyon Road. The half-mile Canyon Road has more than 100 art galleries and restaurants worth spending a full day exploring. Located in the Historic District of Santa Fe, Canyon Road is a must-visit location. And if you’re there on Christmas Eve, don’t miss the popular Farolito Walk event.

4. Santa Fe Museums

Discover Santa Fe’s rich cultural history through its incredible museums. Each museum in Santa Fe offers a unique opportunity to learn about New Mexico and Santa Fe’s historic past and people. Some of the many popular museums include the New Mexico History Museum, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Museum of International Folk Art, New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.

5. Santa Fe Opera

Take in a show at the Santa Fe Opera. The Santa Fe Opera is world-renowned. Top performers from around the world come to the Santa Fe Opera to perform, teach, and train. The Santa Fe Opera runs its own campus, training world talent. So far nine world and 40 American premieres have opened at the Santa Fe Opera. The auditorium is so technologically advanced that every seat has its own screen where audience members can view close-ups of the performance in English or Spanish.

6. Santa Fe Plaza

Stroll through the Santa Fe Plaza. Originally established in 1610 by Don Pedro de Peralta, the Santa Fe Plaza is well known as the ending point of the famed Santa Fe Trail. The plaza is the central part of the city where many popular events, markets, and concerts are held. Named a National Historic Landmark, the Santa Fe Plaza is surrounded by historic monuments, museums, the Palace of the Governors, and restaurants.

7. New Mexico State Capitol

Visit the only round capitol building in the United States. Santa Fe is home to the capital of New Mexico. The adobe structure is round, earning it the name “The Roundhouse.” The four-story building even contains its own art gallery with rotating exhibits. The Roundhouse was built to look like the Zia Sun Symbol when viewed from above.

8. Loretto Chapel

One popular tourist destination in Santa Fe is the Loretto Chapel. Formerly a Roman Catholic church, it now serves as a wedding chapel and museum. The “miraculous staircase” (the main reason for your visit) inside the chapel has its own unique history. After the chapel’s architect died during the construction in the 1800s, it was discovered that there had been no staircase constructed to the choir loft on the second story. The chapel was too small to hold a conventional staircase. The Sisters of Loretto prayed for nine days for St. Joseph’s intervention to solve the problem. That’s when a stranger appeared saying he would build a staircase but would need three months of privacy, locked in the chapel to do so. Upon completion of the stairs, the mysterious man simply vanished, leaving behind a beautiful and sturdy spiral staircase now known as the “miraculous staircase.”

9. San Miguel Chapel / San Miguel Mission

Take in the San Miguel Chapel. The original San Miguel Mission, also known as the Chapel of San Miguel, was originally constructed in 1626 but burned to the ground during the Pueblo Revolt. The chapel was reconstructed in 1710. It is known as the oldest church in the incorporated United States.

10. Ski Santa Fe

A visit to Santa Fe during the winter months wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Ski Santa Fe. Conde Nast readers named Ski Santa Fe as the fourth-best Ski Resort in the United States and Canada. Ski Santa Fe has 79 trails.

11. Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is a must-visit immersive art experience like none other in the world. Located in a 20,000-square-foot facility, Meow Wolf transports you into another dimension where your mind and body experience a colorful interactive experience. Meow Wolf puts its focus on interactivity, narrative, and immersive art. It’s hard to describe but is something you should definitely experience when in Santa Fe. The Santa Fe experience has been such a massive hit that Meow Wolf is expanding into several other cities throughout the United States. But this remains the original. And in case you need another reason to go… the Meow Wolf attraction was built by a collective of 135 artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Here’s a video of a popular YouTuber – Carpetbagger – taking his first trip through Meow Wolf:

12. Santa Fe Farmers Market

According to Sunset Magazine, the Santa Fe Farmers Market is one of the Top 10 Farmers Markets in the country. It’s not much of a surprise as the Santa Fe Farmers Market servers more than 150 New Mexico farmers and 100% of the produce sold is confirmed to be from New Mexico. It’s one of the most authentic Farmers Markets you’ll ever come across.

Visit Santa Fe – Have Fun!

“Santa Fe is not only a great place to visit, but also to live,” says Darlene Streit, one of Santa Fe’s top realtors. “The city’s architecture, restaurants, culture, diversity, and arts are unrivaled.”
There’s a reason Santa Fe is referred to as “The City Different” in the “Land of Enchantment.” Be sure to add these things to your Things to do in Santa Fe list in order to get the most from your experience.

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