Santa Fe Style – Thick Walls, Adobe Structure, Rounded Corners

As you recall from our last article, the Santa Fe Style is based on the Pueblo Revival style that was influenced by the Indian Pueblo, Spanish Colonial, and Mission designs. It’s a vital part of the history of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
We will regularly be exploring different elements of the Santa Fe Style, its rich history, and why it makes Santa Fe “the city different.”
In today’s discussion of the Santa Fe Style we are going to look at the following three elements:
  1. Thick Walls
  2. Adobe Structure
  3. Rounded Corners

Santa Fe Style – Thick Walls

Thick walls are an important part of the Santa Fe Style as they help keep winters warmer and summer’s cooler. Thick adobe walls not only provide structural integrity, but also natural insulation that is energy efficient. The thick walls also provide:
  • Durability.
  • Structural Integrity.
  • A Sound Barrier.

Santa Fe Style – Adobe Structure

Perhaps the most noticeable element of the Santa Fe Style is the adobe structures. Adobe is a major element in Pueblo Revival architecture and the use of adobe bricks (or blocks) is important to the process (see “Adobe Home Construction” video further below). Sometimes bricks and concrete are used to complement or imitate adobe. Either way, the finished look is the same.
Adobe is great for many reasons:
  • It is energy-efficient, staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • It is beautiful. Just look at Santa Fe!
  • It is fireproof.
  • It is “pest” proof.
  • It is resistant to mold.
  • It keeps your home quieter from outside and room-to-room noises.
  • It lasts. That’s why the oldest homes in the United States are adobe.
Adobe is not just a great building element, but also a beautiful element that offers numerous additional benefits.
For a fascinating look into building an adobe structure, check out the “Adobe Home Construction” video later in this article.

Santa Fe Style – Rounded Corners

If you look closely at an adobe home or building, one element of the Santa Fe Style you will notice is rounded corners. Rounded corners and edges are one of the distinct characteristics of traditional adobe and Pueblo Revival homes. In addition, rounded corners and edges add to the beauty and smoothness of the adobe structure.

Santa Fe Style Adobe Videos:

Video 1: “Santa Fe Style Homes”
This is a pictorial video featuring different Santa Fe homes and businesses. Look for the things we talked about today: Thick walls, adobe structure, and rounded corners. These are important elements that make these homes absolutely beautiful.
Video #2: “Adobe Home Construction”
This video, by adobe builders Keith & Tyler Loveless, walks you through what goes into building an adobe home while showing the process.
Video #3: “Adobe In Action Adobe Brickmaking Process”
The non-profit Adobe in Action demonstrated its process for making adobe bricks in this 2014 video.
Video #4: “How to Build Adobe Walls For a Home”
This video takes you deeper into the process of how to build adobe walls for a house.

Learn about Santa Fe neighborhoods:


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