Ideas to Remodel a Room into Something New

Are you wanting to remodel a room in your home but need a few good ideas? You’ve come to the right place! This article and videos will give you some great ideas to convert your room into something new and exciting. Taking on a room remodel may seem overwhelming, but once you have clear idea and plan then it will be easier to focus on the task. Remodeling a room will not only make the space more pleasant and functional for you, but it may also increase the value of your home.

Ideas for Remodeling a Room into Something New and Exciting

The following five ideas should give you some great ideas when it comes to a room remodel.

Idea #1: Home Office

A two-year study by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom showed a huge productivity gain for people who worked from home versus going to an office. And that was before the pandemic of 2020 that forced millions of people to work from home. But even before then, more companies were allowing employees to work from home. And many people are also starting their own businesses. So the first idea for a room remodel (or makeover) is to turn your room into a home office. This video shows how one couple did a home office makeover from a spare room:

Video Inspiration: Home Office Makeover

Idea #2: Recreation Room

Turning an extra room into a recreation room is a popular choice for people wanting something more usable and fun. A recreation room might consist of an arcade, man cave, home theater, or just a fun and creative space to hang out. Recreation rooms usually have nice seating areas, large-screen TV, games, and sometimes a bar. Cool LED strip lighting and some extra work on the walls can also have an impact. Look what this person did with their extra room (in this case, a basement)
Video Inspiration: Creating a Recreation Room

Idea #3: Guest Room

Some people often have friends or family who like to stay for a day or two. If this describes you then consider turning your extra room into a stylish guest room! You are in for a treat with this video. Hospitality guru Blair Lamb shares some excellent ideas that should go into your guest room. And she is clearly thinking about both comfort and convenience. She even drills down to ideas like displaying your wi-fi password for your guests. Hopefully, this video gets your creative juices flowing as you turn a drab room into one that ensures your family/friends come over more often and stay longer… unless you don’t want them to.

Video Inspiration: 23 Guest Room Must-Haves.

Idea #4: Create a Pet Room

Do you own a pet? Are you a cat lady or dog dad? This next idea will have your pet loving you even more – give your pet his or her own playroom! Now we know that cats already “own the house,” but a special room tailored to your pet will give them an extra tailored space to really enjoy and call “home.” The video below shows a kitten nursery room makeover, assisted by an interior designer for cats! You can get some great ideas for your own pet room:

Video Inspiration: Cat Room Makeover

Idea #5: Relaxation Room

Imagine a serene room where an essential oil diffuser fills the air with lavender while you relax in a massage chair as peaceful music plays. Around you are shelves with books that you’ve been meaning to read for years. Well, now is the time! This is your room to relax, de-stress, and enjoy every moment. What a great transformation for your extra room!
Video Inspiration: Create a Relaxing Meditation Retreat

Room Remodel Conclusion

Did this article and videos get your creative juices flowing? When you start remodeling a room, be sure to take before and after pictures to capture your project. Then post the photos to your Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram profile to encourage your friends to start their own room remodel!

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