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Curb Appeal Ideas on a Budget

Whether you are looking to increase your home value or increase your enjoyment of the home you own, addressing the curb appeal a great place to start.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is how appealing your home looks to people who are driving by or viewing your home from the sidewalk/street. When’s the last time you stepped out to the sidewalk and took a long hard look at your home, yard, driveway, etc.? Curb appeal seeks to increase the value of your home along with your own personal enjoyment.

Curb Appeal on a Budget (The Checklist)

Here are some great – and inexpensive – curb appeal ideas (or checklist) to get you started on increasing the value/look of your home from the street

  • Powerwash your house.
  • Powerwash your sidewalk/driveway.
  • Paint your front door.
  • Cut your grass.
  • Trim bushes/trees.
  • Pull weeds.
  • Upgrade the lettering on your house (the street number).
  • If you have a front yard fence then repaint it or clean it. Repair/replace any broken areas.
  • Remove unappealing plants.
  • Plant new plants/flowers that look good.
  • Add mulch to your plant areas (remember, mulch comes in different colors. Red might look better than brown in your yard). Be sure to rake out the plant area – and remove weeds – before adding mulch.
  • Remove dirt/insects/webs from anywhere around the front of your house/porch/windows/doors/bushes.
  • Water everything that needs water! You want flowers, plants, grass, etc. to always look hydrated and healthy.
  • Replace the handle on your front door with a more appealing one.
  • Replace your welcome mat with one that is newer and more appealing.
  • Properly wash/scrub the inside and outside of all your windows.
  • If you have an older mailbox, replace it with a newer one or clean it up.
  • Sweep/clean your patio.
  • Add flowers in flower pots to your patio.
  • Add furniture to your patio or clean/paint furniture you already have on your patio.
  • Find a way to “hide” your trash/recycle/debris cans.
  • Clean any railing you have (i.e. going up steps to your porch).
  • Clean out your gutters and wash the outside.
  • Add some lighting to bring your area more to life at night.
All the ideas above will help you really improve the curb appeal of your home on a budget. If the list looks daunting, then break up. For example, do five things on the list every Saturday until the list is complete.

Curb Appeal Videos

The following videos will help you dive deeper into improving the curb appeal of your home while providing you with some great inspiration:

How to Add Curb Appeal on a Budget

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Home Depot Curb Appeal Ideas Challenge

Now that you are motivated and inspired, it’s time to start increasing the curb appeal of your home!

Be sure to take before and after pictures of your curb appeal project so that you can share them on social media and inspire your friends/family.


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