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Ideas for Converting an Extra Room in Your Santa Fe Home into Something Awesome

Ideas for Converting an Extra Room in Your Santa Fe Home into Something Awesome

Basement Ideas

Have you ever wondered what a good use would be for an extra room in your Santa Fe home? Is it being used for a storage area now while crying out for a greater purpose? Converting your extra room into a usable space not only makes it more useful to you, but it also increases the value of your home.

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Here are five ideas for converting an extra room in your Santa Fe home into a livable space with true purpose…

Extra Room Idea #1: Home Office
A two-year study by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom showed a huge productivity gain for people who worked from home versus going to an office (see video below).  More companies are allowing people to work from home. And many people are also starting their own businesses. So why not prepare now by turning your extra room into a home office? What a great use!


Extra Room Idea #2: Recreation Room
Turning an extra room into a recreation room is a popular choice for people wanting something more usable and fun. A recreation room might consist of an arcade, man cave, home theater, or just a fun and creative space to hang out. Recreation rooms usually have nice seating areas, large-screen TV, games and sometimes a bar. Look what this person did with their extra room (in this case, a basement):

Extra Room Idea #3: Guest Room
Some people often have friends or family who like to stay for a day or two. If this describes you then consider turning your extra Santa Fe room into a stylish guest room! Santa Fe is an artistic city. Let your creative juices flow as you turn a drab room into one that will ensure your family/friends come over more often and stay longer… unless you don’t want them to. 🙂

Extra Room Idea #4: Pet Room!
Did you know that Santa Fe was named the sixth most cat lady friendly city in the world? People love their pets and many see them as part of the family. If this is you, then why not give your pets their own space to really enjoy? Turn your extra room into an amazing pet room that your dog, cat, or iguana will enjoy for years to come.

Extra Room Idea #5: Relaxation Room
Imagine a serine room where an essential oil diffuser fills the room with lavender while you relax in a massage chair. Around you are shelves with books that you’ve been meaning to read for years. Now is the time! This is your room to relax, de-stress, and enjoy every moment. What a great transformation for your extra room!

Do you have other extra room remodeling ideas you’d like to share? If so, please add them to the Comments below. And if you do remodel your extra room, we’d love to see a before and after picture!