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Santa Fe Fences – Coyote Fence and Outdoor Adobe Walls

Santa Fe Fences – Coyote Fence and Outdoor Adobe Walls

Santa Fe Fences

People love Santa Fe because of its unique style, culture, and traditions. In our continuing Santa Fe Style series, today we are taking a look at Santa Fe fences.

Styles of Santa Fe Fences:

When it comes to fences, there are two main types of fences that are part of the Santa Fe style:

  • Coyote Fences
  • Adobe Walls

Coyote Fences

Coyote Fences generally use Spruce-Fir latillas that are tied to a steel welded framework. Sometimes Cedar or Douglas Fir is used in place of Spruce-Fir.

Most Coyote Fences are anywhere from 5-8 feet tall. The depth is enough to keep coyotes from digging under and the height and ruggedness are usually enough to prevent jumping.

It’s not unusual to see a Santa Fe home with both coyote fencing and an adobe fence/wall. And speaking of Adobe…

Adobe Walls

Outdoor adobe walls are a popular replacement for fences in Santa Fe. They are stylish, beautiful, and secure. Many of these attractive adobe fences will join to an “entryway” like a carved wooden door.

In back yards, many adobe walls will join to a kiva fireplace in a corner. It’s not unusual to see adobe benches (Banco) coming out from the wall for sitting.

Santa Fe Coyote Fence and Adobe Wall Pictures

If you peruse through the pictures in our My Listings section you will see many representations of Santa Fe coyote fences and adobe walls. You’ll also see a mixture of the two. Here are some photos from current listings (as of this writing):

Adobe Wall with Kiva Fireplace

Coyote Fence in Background

Coyote Fence and Adobe Wall

Adobe Wall with Entry Door

Lower Adobe Wall

Adobe Wall and Coyote Fencing

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