“Iago’s Othello”

“Iago’s Othello”

When: February 22, 2019

From: 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM

Antón Barba-Kay, Catholic University of America
St. John’s College The Great Hall

This lecture is part of the Carol J. Worrell Annual Lecture Series on Literature

Mr. Barba-Kay will think through three connected questions that are often asked about Othello: why does Iago do it? Does Othello learn something from what happens? What makes this play a tragedy, rather than a terrible mistake?

Antón Barba-Kay earned a B.A. from St. John’s College (A04), a B.A. in classics from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought. The bulk of his work has concentrated on Hegel and German Idealism.