Friends of History Lecture Series

Friends of History Lecture Series

When: February 6, 2019

From: 12:00 AM - 01:00 PM

NM History Museum

The Galisteo Basin; Pueblo Communities across the Threshold of Spanish Colonization

Today’s Galisteo Basin is a vast and inspiring landscape on the edge of Santa Fe. Open range land has preserved a record of history that is a remarkable testament to powerful influences, natural and cultural, from the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries. These three centuries encompass dramatic changes in climate, economy, population, and organization of Pueblo communities, even before the initial Spanish expeditions of the sixteenth century.

Eric Blinman Director, Office of Archaeological Studies will discuss how the Seventeeth century Spanish Colonization changed the trajectory of the Galisteo Basins cultural history in both expected and unexpected ways, culminating in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. But perhaps the most dramatic transformation occurred in the few years immediately after the Revolt. By the Reconquest, the large Pueblo communities had moved north, setting the stage for the Euroamerican-dominated pastoral landscape of today.