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Darlene’s Blog

Darlene’s Blog

Doors in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Doors

Santa Fe is referred to as "The City Different." Part of this honorable title can be attributed to the beautiful Santa Fe style throughout the city - the beautiful adobe homes, large wooden vigas, art, sculptures, thick adobe walls, etc. Evolved from the Pueblo Revival and the Santa Fe style
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Q4 2020 Market Update Santa Fe

Santa Fe Real Estate Market Snapshots & Quarterly Reports The Santa Fe real estate market is always in flux, and having the latest statistics regarding sales and inventory are essential when you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or land. Below you’ll find our latest
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Kiva Fireplaces

Santa Fe Style – Kiva Fireplaces

Next to the adobe structure, one of the most recognizable elements of the Santa Fe style is both indoor and outdoor Kiva fireplaces. Sometimes referred to as “adobe fireplaces,” “beehive fireplaces,” or “pueblo fireplaces,” the Kiva fireplace generally has a curved beehive look and
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Chile Ristras

Santa Fe Style – Chile Ristras

When it comes to Santa Fe Style, a popular Southwest decor is the chile ristra. It's not unusual to see them hanging on patios or fences throughout Santa Fe. What is a Chile Ristra? A chile ristra is a hanging arrangement of chile peppers hung up to dry for future consumption. Made of either
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Santa Fe Style - Kiva Fireplace

Santa Fe Style – Kiva Fireplaces, Coyote Fences, Animal Skull Art, Canales

Welcome to another look at the elements that make up the “Santa Fe Style” when it comes to home design and accessories. Today we will be looking at four more Santa Fe Style elements, including: Kiva Fireplaces Coyote Fences Animal Skull Art Canales Santa Fe Style - Kiva
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Santa Fe Style - Stepped Building

Santa Fe Style – Flat Roofs, Blue Doors, Soft Lines, Stepped Building

Welcome to another look at the Santa Fe Style which makes Santa Fe, New Mexico, the most unique and enchanting city in the United States. This is part of an ongoing series of articles that take a closer look at the Santa Fe Style. In this article, we will examine four more Santa Fe Style
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Santa Fe Style – Carved Wooden Doors, Exposed Natural Wood Vigas, Corbel, and Earth Tones

Welcome to our third article about Santa Fe Style, which is mostly based on the Pueblo Revival Style. This month the elements of Santa Fe Style we are exploring include: Carved Wooden Doors Exposed Natural Wood Vigas Corbels Earth Tones Santa Fe Style – Carved Wooden
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Santa Fe Style - Adobe

Santa Fe Style – Thick Walls, Adobe Structure, Rounded Corners

As you recall from our last article, the Santa Fe Style is based on the Pueblo Revival style that was influenced by the Indian Pueblo, Spanish Colonial, and Mission designs. It's a vital part of the history of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We will regularly be exploring different elements of the
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Santa Fe Home Style - Pueblo Revival Architecture

Santa Fe Style – Pueblo Revival Architecture

When visiting Santa Fe, you will see the many low-slung, earth-colored buildings that represent the Santa Fe architectural style. In 1957, the city of Santa Fe, already the center of Pueblo Revival architecture, passed an ordinance requiring buildings in the historical district in the city’s
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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

In 2018, the average electric bill in the United States was over $117 a month. With weather events becoming more severe every year and energy costing more, it seems that that figure will only increase. If you want to reduce your energy use to save money or fight climate change, each step you
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