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Glorious Earth Landscapes

1851 Paseo de la Conquistadora, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Glorious Earth Landscapes evolved from Tobi merging into Adam’s Indigo Spirit Landscapes company, Adam’s work was beautiful ponds, waterfalls, rock garden walls, benches, seating and seeding areas, tree and foliage planting and transplanting, etc. all in an extremely masculine, powerful and majestic style. Tobi came along and saw the places where fantasy, magic and mysticism were lacking. She saw Adam’s perfect fitting flagstone as boring and should be transformed to colorful, fanciful mosaic. Her mind envisions mountains and hillsides into glorious childlike pathways. Think Tinkerbell adding sparkles and faerie dust to Adam’s waterfalls and rock mountains. Tobi’s Love of Earth lures the faeries magic which adds Yin to Adam’s Yang.