Santo Ninos Regional Catholic School

23 College Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508


The mission of Santo Niño Regional Catholic School is to provide excellent elementary, academic education with a Catholic tradition that is Christ-centered in a faith filled community. Our commitment is to educate the whole child in a safe, service oriented environment, together with families and parishes. We are proud of the exceptional opportunities that our new school provides for our students, faculty and the greater community!

Santo Niño Regional Catholic School is first and foremost a family. It is a family of students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. We are a family that is connected through our Faith in God. This faith connects us in so many ways. We are a school that believes in love, character, morality, and creation. We provide our students with the tools not only for far achieving academic growth, but also for spiritual and character development. We believe that nurturing both the mind and heart will provide our alums with the assurance of an education that places them on their own glorious path.

Creating an amazing education is all about teachers! Our teaching staff at Santo Niño is excellent. We have a diverse and thoughtful community of teachers that work together in harmony and joy to define the most challenging and intriguing curriculums that they can muster. While at the same time they provide friendship, safety, and indeed a loving environment for the children in their classrooms.

Part of our goal at Santo Niño is to provide our students with a balanced education. Our school is meant to create opportunity and inspiration. With this in mind we have established a wonderful education in the arts. We offer: library, art, music, 21st century, and physical education. Our team of essential educators specializes in their fields and creates learning environments that are exciting, active, and most of all fun!

Let’s not forget that education should be fun! Our children are a light of joy and wonder. We know that when a student is having fun and is truly focused their ability to learn is greatly heightened. It is our goal to educate our students as fully as we can. Whenever possible we try to make that education full of laughter, smiles, and bliss.