Ortiz Middle School

4164 South Meadows, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507


About Ortiz Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 6 - 8
Enrollment: 749

School’s Vision:
Ortiz Middle School (OMS) is a caring, creative, intelligent community of life-long learners with high expectations of each other.

Our School’s Operations and Functions:
OMS provides instruction in the core content areas of English and Spanish Language Arts, Math, Science in English and Spanish, History in English and Spanish and English as a Second Language. Included in our elective coursework for all grades are PE, Family and Consumer Science, Computer Technology, Art, Chorus, Piano Keyboarding, Band, Orchestra and Guitar. Specific to seventh and eighth grades is the Advancement Via Individual Determination program, also known as AVID.

Why Our School is Unique:
OMS is the only bilingual middle school in New Mexico in that over half of the students participate in classes in Spanish and English. Most schools have a bilingual strand in their school. OMS makes bilingual education part of everything that we do as a middle school.

OMS is also the largest middle school, serving sixth through eighth grades. We are home to the largest middle school band and choir programs and the only middle school to offer a piano keyboarding class. Extracurricular programs and activities include: Project GUTS, Natural Helpers, SWAT, Knitting and Crochet Club and athletic programs for all three grades. Parent Involvement opportunities include AVID, Band and Choir Boosters, Athletic Boosters, Parent/Teacher/Student Committee and School Leadership Council. OMS has a Business Partnership with the Santa Fe Community College, who operates five adult ESL classes each semester.

Our Student Athletic Awards:
Once again, our Girls Volleyball team finished first in the Middle School Volleyball tournament, making them City Champs! We are now back to back champions! Great job ladies!

Last year, many of our athletic teams enjoyed winning or championship seasons. Our Football team was undefeated City Champs, our Boys Basketball team finished second in the Middle School Tournament and our Boys/Girls Track team was undefeated.