Salazar Elementary School

1231 Apache Avenue , Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


Salazar Elementary
Grade Levels Served: K - 6
Enrollment: 386

Continuous School Improvement

It is the belief here at Salazar Elementary that through collective planning, grade level goal setting, evaluating student progress, and a strong belief in the ability of our students to succeed, we will make a difference.

The following goals are the necessary means to ensuring success.

I. To focus on Teamwork, Goals & Data:

  • Teamwork: Focused collaboration among site and grade level teams; minimum of two hours per week. This time is intended for planning, goal setting and analyzing student work and the sharing of strategies.
  • Goals: Quarterly grade-level goals should be established based on what students need to learn. It requires utilizing the Common Core State Standards to set specific learning targets in reading, writing and mathematics. Sub-targets should then be focused on a set criteria/rubric for proficiency.
  • Data: Grade level teams will consistently analyze the data and adjust instruction to promote student attainment of goals. Students will also receive timely feedback on their progress and be a part of monitoring and charting their growth. Data will be collected weekly, monthly and quarterly

II. Interventions & Enrichment:

  • Teachers and staff will provide specific interventions to reach those students not reaching proficiency in reading, writing or mathematics and to meet the needs of those achieving.
  • Identify students in need of additional support by reviewing assessment data frequently and in a timely manner.
  • Establish flexible groupings to address needs.
  • Measure progress against the ideal and actual baseline to determine effectiveness of interventions and adapt when necessary

Salazar Elementary School (K-6)-Dual Language Program
Salazar provides a 50:50 simultaneous biliteracy model, in which students receive initial literacy and content area instruction in both program languages in grades Kinder through sixth. The program is in its 7th year of implementation and includes approximately 230 students. Salazar is unique in that our school has been the only site in the district to have established a 50:50 model where instruction is provided by two educators- a TESOL endorsed teacher and a bilingual certified teacher. Collaboration and planning are critical to the success of our program; teachers have developed a comprehensive Curriculum Articulation Plan to ensure instructional practices are aligned in both languages.