Ramirez Thomas Elementary School

3200 Calle Po Ae Pl, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507


About Ramirez Thomas Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K - 5
Enrollment: 462

School’s Mission:
Ramirez Thomas Elementary is undergoing a school reform initiative utilizing the Federal SIG Turnaround Model. The staff has currently established goals and values, and are in the process of rewriting and more
accurately delineating the school’s vision and mission statements.

Our School’s Operations and Functions:
Ramirez Thomas Elementary (RTE) is now going into its seventh year. We currently offer elementary classes for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade and provide classes in both English and Spanish/English dual language classrooms for students learning English as a second language. RTE has several new initiatives planned for the 2010–2011 school year to support quality educational practices and promote student success. To this end, we have put together a staff of highly qualified educators who are committed to the initiatives set forth in our school improvement plan.

These initiatives include:

  • An extended school day for students;
  • Additional professional development for staff in Balanced Literacy, Conceptual Math, Writer’s Workshop and best practices for ELL and Bilingual education;
  • A full-time instructional coach and data specialist;
  • Focused assessments to evaluate student academic growth;
  • Researched-based math, writing and language arts curriculums; and
  • Parent Liaison who can assist parents and families to participate more actively in the school community and in their child’s academic success.

The heart of this endeavor is the on-going support and development of a school culture where staff, students,
parents and the community at large reflect, maintain dialogue and make educated, effective choices about the best ways to impact our students’ academic and social growth.

Why Our School is Unique:

  • Ramirez Thomas has an after school program funded by the 21st Century Grant
  • The Folkloria Dance Group sponsored by the Aspen Ballet
  • Team sports in boys and girls basketball and wrestling
  • Violin Classes
  • Guitar Classes
  • A Parent Teacher Organization
  • Volunteer Cohort